We offer these therapies to help you unlock your own creativity and resources with hypnosis.

Everyone goes through stress at some point in their life. Stress can be caused by many reasons and everyone has a different coping ability. Stress can sometimes be motivating and boosting energies but when an individual fails to cope up with it, stress becomes a problem. Most of us think we know what stress is. Yet it seems to be a ‘catch-all’ term that’s used to describe feelings ranging from minor irritation to the cause of a mental and/or physical breakdown.

Stress Management

Hypnotherapy can help address your stress and anxiety levels. With the help of a hypnotherapist, you may be able to identify the cause(s) of your stress. Or you may find it’s a past experience, a situation, a physical issue or something to do with a relationship that’s the main cause.
After discovering the root of the problem, you will then agree upon a goal. This goal could include how you would like to feel and what you would like to do in life without stress holding you back. Your hypnotherapist will then work with you to achieve your goals using a variation of different techniques. Each therapist might use different techniques, but they all will work towards the same goal.

Hypnotherapy for stress can start to work in a few sessions, but it entirely depends on your reaction to the therapy. After attending a number of sessions you may start to feel more relaxed and confident in the situations that previously caused you to feel stressed. Learning Self-hypnosis and practicing it regularly also helps to relax which alters stress building thought habits in longer run.