Romance reading

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This one is for you if you have any questions about your love life.

Consider this tarot reading if:

  • You are single and looking for a relationship

  • You are trying to choose between multiple partners

  • You have just met someone and want to look into compatibility

  • You are in an established relationship and need some guidance

How it works:

Tell me about your situation and what you would like to know. I have several different spreads designed for relationships that I customize for each unique situation. I also have a few very special decks that are great at highlighting interpersonal dynamics. I will choose the spread and deck based on intuition and using my pendulum. As with all of my readings, I will enter into sacred space on your behalf and invite your guides (and mine!) to be with me and communicate messages of the highest love and light for your situation. My desire is always for your empowerment in your question and to help you find your innermost truth.
I will video record your reading and post it to a private link on YouTube, for you to view at anytime at your privacy and discretion.

It is an honor to read for you and I am so thankful for every opportunity to do so! I will complete your reading within 3 days, unless unforeseen circumstances occur, in which case I will let you know as soon as possible!