In depth 3 question reading

Sales price 1250.00 ₨

Sometimes a deeper look is required... 

This is the perfect reading for you if you have more than one question and area you want to look into, or need a more detailed overview into your situation.

We can explore any subject such as: decisions, guidance and outcomes, career, love, challenging situation, spirit, family dynamics, friendships..

This reading will help you if:

  • You are faced with multiple options & making choices between different paths

  • You have many situations you would like insight on (up to 3 >> career + spiritual path + will that guy/girl be in my life?)

  • You would like a neutral observer for your strengths/challenges and how to utilize them

  • You could use some practical advice on how to proceed

  • We can look at the current energy and potential outcomes of any situation you may be facing.

  • Let's see what your higher self and guides want to tell you!

How it works:

Tell me about your situation and what you would like to know, and I will design a custom tarot spread for you. This typically includes 7-15 cards, up to 3 questions, how you can learn and grow, and give you practical advice and action steps for the best outcomes! You will receive your reading as a private YouTube video that you can access any time to refresh and reflect on your reading.
I have several tarot decks that I use, and I will use my pendulum and intuition to choose the best deck for your reading. I also choose specific crystals for your question and call in your spirit guides to channel information for you.

My intention is always for your empowerment, clarity, and love.
It is an honor to read for you and I am so thankful for every opportunity to do so! I will complete your reading within 3 days, unless unforeseen circumstances occur, in which case I will let you know as soon as possible!