We are dedicated to empower and train spiritually centered individuals to step into their power and to live an intuitive and inspired life.

The purpose of life is to experience happiness and self love through the course of finding oneself, and the path to finding oneself is- healing.

Grounded Gatherings is a healing studio where we explore possibilities and celebrate our journeys. A space that offers healing and empowerment through spiritual awareness.

At Grounded Gatherings we believe that healing is more than just curing one’s symptoms. One needs to reach the core of the issue in order to heal the issue completely. So we understand that it is of utmost importance to identify and heal the core in order to reach the completion.
We are arriving at a new era in healing, one in which we look beyond addressing physical symptoms alone to achieve balance and peace of mind. There is a heightened consciousness among people today and this is giving rise to more people than ever before to embrace alternative ways to heal themselves. Conscious awareness promises immense potential.

It is our belief that a person’s healing is accelerated at the level of our spiritual journeys, our soul as well as at the level of spirit. All the modalities that we offer to our clients take this unique perspective into consideration. Restorative healing modalities/ therapies work even if, you as a client don’t believe in the soul, soul’s journey or in the modality itself. Far more important is for you to have a true desire and real commitment to heal.

When we heal ourselves, we heal at all levels of ‘body, mind, emotions and spirit’. The medical profession is brilliant at working in the areas of the physical body and the professional therapists do an outstanding work at the level of the mental and the emotional. The healing that we offer to you is entirely complementary to the work of the doctors and therapists and is about restoring your soul.

And so, we invite you to join us in supporting you on your healing journey, a journey that will lead you to a life of balance, well-being and peace of mind.